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This is a more in-depth review of Vogue Knitting Knitopedia: The Ultimate A to Z for Knitters. As I wrote earlier, it has not been published yet, but on the German Amazon website it says it is expected for March (in English). I leafed through it a couple of times and read some articles to get a general impression. This is basically a book that you can pick up time and time again and just read in it. At the same time it serves as a reference book and is of course particularly helpful for us, the German knitters, when being confronted with English terms which we have never heard of before.

Trisha Malcolm says in the editorial that working on the book took five years as it had been revised several times during this long period. The composition of the content is based on Vogue Knitting’s perspective and archives (from the 30’s to 60’s and since re-launch of the magazine in 1982).

The book is structured like a dictionary from A to Z over all the topics which means that the pages represent a „potpourri“ of subjects. For example, next to a designer portrait you can find an article on a technique – such as on page 202 where Alice Starmore is presented, and in the next column „steeks“ are explained. This does not bother me, as this is one of the points that make this reference book entertaining to read.

Common knitting abbreviations are listed in the front section of the book, further on you will find tables on needle sizes (U.S. / metric), the Standard Yarn Weight System, fit / ease and international care symbols.

The overall content is indexed in the back section – alphabetically ordered per category. Unfortunately, the book lacks a list of keywords from A to Z, you thus have to look up the desired subject within the book.

The texts are arranged in three columns with at least one illustration or color photograph per page. The range of topics includes

Influential persons / designers
Industry Organizations
Different garments
Knitting Traditions
Fashion icons
Yarn and needle manufacturers
Knitting and embroidery stitches

Leafing through the book I found some (to me) „exotic“ entries like „opera-length glove“ – i.e. a glove that ends at the elbow – or „Esch Fragments“ (the oldest ever found and documented piece of knitted garment).

In addition, one to two-page designer essays from the folllowing designers can be found in the book (theses pages are, however, arranged in a more „generous“ manner, so please do not expect very long texts):

Meg Swansen („The Knitting Technician“)
Shannon Okey („Spinning is more than twisting fibers“)
Kristin Nicholas („A live with sheep“)
Linda Cortright („Arctic Gold“ [on Qiviut yarn])
Vickie Howell („Knitting in the Media)
Amy R. Singer („Modern-day wonders“)
Norah Gaughan („Designing with polygons“)
Margaret Stove („Designing knitted lace“)
Clara Parkes („Thoughts on the internet“)
Tara Jon Manning („Mindful Knitting“)
Elaine Eskesen („Nature’s inspiration“)
Debbie Bliss („A true classic“ [on Ganseys])
Nicky Epstein („Enrich your knitting“)
Mari Lynn Patrick („On design“)
Brandon Mably („Color Knitting“)
Alice Starmore („Ever-changing Aran“)

The layout is clearly arranged but not very artistic – which might not be a must for a reference book.

The book has a hard cover with a jacket, 240 pages and can be pre-ordered here (German Amazon site) at a price of currently just under € 24.-.

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